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How to plan the production in an efficient way?
Production Lead Times longer than delivery times, excessive production costs and inefficient use of the resources are the factors that even today compromise company performances and profit margins.
A leading tool in the production planning
CyberPlan is an Advanced Planning System (APS) we have designed to extend the potentials of the ERP systems to the simulation of the possible future states. CyberPlan, with its intuitive use, its rapid execution and its easy integration and configuration, is a leading tool in the field of the finite capacity planning and scheduling. Furthermore, CyberPlan can be easily integrated with all the main ERP systems.
CyberPlan features
CyberPlan allows the integration of MPS, MRP/CRP, finite capacity scheduling and materials constraints management in a single solution, reducing the time necessary for the production planning. The features of CyberPlan enable the entire planning process to be managed according to the “closed loop” principles, with the plan feasibility checked at every step. Futhermore, thanks to CyberPlan it is possible to simulate the current and the future state of a company and conduct, in real time, a “what if” analysis. Thanks to its intuitive graphic interface, CyberPlan allows the user to conduct analysis, to evaluate possible improvements of the plan in terms of performance and to have the visibility of the results.
The results achieved
  • increased service level
  • drastic reduction of both direct and indirect production costs
  • increased efficiency
  • more effective supplier management
Result visibility – Intuitive and easy-to-use graphic interface in order to have the simulation and planning results at your immediate disposal.
Our numbers
Reduction of the inventory and WIP 12-30%
Reduction of the missing parts 30-55%
Reduction of the delivery lead time 10-35%
Reduction of the delivery delays 10-35%
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