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Un software per la pianificazione e schedulazione della produzione evoluto, efficiente e flessibile

Brawo cercava un software gestionale che integrasse anche i processi di pianificazione, tuttavia si era accorta che i moduli per la programmazione della produzione offerti in abbinamento al gestionale risultavano lenti e laboriosi. Gli addetti iniziarono dunque a cercare un ...


Manifattura Berluti, planning the production of leather goods and shoes in a digital and advanced way

Manifattura Berluti, one of the most exclusive manufacturer of shoes and leather goods for men, and part of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group, has chosen to modernize the tools available to the production planning department. The results? An enormous reduction in the time needed to plan the production and improvements in the quality of the planners’ work, in the company performance and communication (both inside and outside the company).



Forecasting for the filter manufacturing with CyberPlan, for MP Filtri

Eng. Lorenzo Ferrante, responsible for the logistics of the Lombardy multinational MP Filtri, tells the path of improvement of the supply chain and implementation of CyberPlan in order to guarantee a high level of customer service.



Clementoni: growth and greater control with CyberPlan

Support the growth process, thanks to specific software solutions to achieve greater production control.



Unifarco – Production planning in the pharmaceutical sector

The interview with Patrizia Zanussi and Alessandro Chinellato, respectively responsible for the planning and information systems of Unifarco, highlights the path of innovation and growth of the important Venetian company.



Falmec, planning and scheduling the production thanks to an APS

Falmec, always very attentive to innovation, has implemented an important path of innovation to improve its capacity for factory governance.



Business growth and fast production planning for HT with CyberPlan

The HT group, which is active in order production and in series of electrical resistors, has drastically reduced the timing required for production planning, while improving various aspects of its supply chain. The interesting case of implementation of the CyberPlan APS software, told by Lorenzo Pettarin, IT manager of the group.



LTC – La Triveneta Cavi and the production planning

The case of La Triveneta Cavi’s success and growth of over twenty years, thanks to forward-looking directional choices, from a manual planning to an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System.



Lima Corporate, managing the production growth with the APS

Before the implementation of CyberPlan we did not have an APS, we had a very rough MRP that supported the management and that did not meet our needs. In those years the company was starting to grow and so were the needs of



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