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Ansaldo Energia

Optimizing production planning since 1991

The Company

Ansaldo Energia is a leading international player in the power generation industry, to which it brings an integrated model embracing turnkey power plants construction, power equipment (gas & steam turbines, generators and micro turbines), manufacturing and services and nuclear activities. Ansaldo Energia currently employs over 4,500 people and has an international presence through local companies and branch offices in Italy.


The Challenge

Ansaldo Energia’s challenge regarding the alternator line was to increase customer service levels, ensure on-time delivery, increase production efficiency and achieve the desired stock levels. Keeping the critical production path under control and providing alert sets that would allow timely intervention in case of unforeseen extra production was key in achieving these goals. The new internal system organization (NeMo3 Project) had also led to major changes to the SAP management system. These changes resulted in the introduction of an advanced production planning system that would support Ansaldo Energia in securing business targets for the alternator line. Prior to CyberPlan, multiple tools (Project, Excel, etc.) were used for production planning, which did not allow collaborative planning and limited the visibility of the entire production.


The solution

To achieve the set goals, it was necessary to improve the whole production planning system. It was then essential to introduce a finite capacity APS and to implement the Critical Chain logics, so to revise and optimize existing data and processes in enterprise management.

CyberPlan APS was then implemented by the contextual introduction of the “Production Planning” offices that, along with the implementation of the Critical Chain, led to a reorganization of data and processes. This also involved multiple corporate entities (Factory – Product and Production Engineering – Supply Chain – etc.). The process of adapting to the new logic by all the entities involved has been long and challenging for every process of change, but it has also been indispensable for achieving the set goals.



The project, which lasted 12 months, allowed a substantial streamlining of the production planning processes. Consequently, there has been a decrease in low-value added assets together with an increase in production reactivity.

The introduction of the PDCA through specific KPIs allows monitoring of the quality of planning.

The main KPIs introduced highlighted, after a few months an:

  • Increase in the production planning consistency (in terms of orders): +33% (between 0,6 to 0,8 on a 0 to 1 scale);
  • Increase in the finite capacity production planning consistency (corrispondency between planned and scheduled finite capacity dates): +60% (from 0,5 to 0,8 on average on a 0 to 1 scale);
  • Increase in the overall service level: continuously increasing +26% (between 0,65 and 0,82 on average, on a 0 to 1 scale).


More info

Why Ansaldo Energia has chosen CyberPlan 

The reasons that led Ansaldo Energia to choose CyberPlan as their planning tool, are mainly:
  • Graphs - Possibility to graphically display the whole business pattern and to look at the inconsistencies of the data at first glance, as well as to be able to make data changes directly from the graphic windows;
  • Algorithms Execution Speed - MRP and Scheduler speed allow plan changes to immediately understand their impacts;
  • Ease of planning - by inserting objects that aren’t contained in the ERP, you can do What-If Analysis in a short amount of time;
  • Control - Possibility to control the production line through the KPI dashboard so that any contingency can be solved promptly, even in the medium to long term.



The relationship with Cybertec is excellent; it’s team is made of competent, available and very professional people. The CyberPlan software allowed us to streamline and optimize factory planning and medium / long term planning.

Eng. Nicola Masala
Eng. Nicola Masala
Alternators and Turbines Planning Manager

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