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Business growth and fast production planning for HT with CyberPlan

Benefits on the whole supply chain thanks to the project of implementation of the APS

The Company

Since 1978, the year of its foundation, HT has designed and manufactured cartridge heaters. The range of products, initially designed for applications on industrial machines, was rapidly expanded with solutions for domestic and other heating. Today, HT is a group of 3 companies:

  • HT S.p.A. which has 40 years of history;
  • HT Est Division S.r.l. which plays a large part of the production;
  • HT Heizelemente Deutschland GmbH which is the German subsidiary.

The group is made up of over 400 employees and its turnover is around 27 million euros.

Since May 2017, the HT group has become part of the international Nibe industrial group, which brings together over 100 companies and 15 thousand employees.


The Challenge

“At the time we had two main difficulties: the dating of customer orders and the control of production loads. The first difficulty was due to the fact that the MRP linked to the management turned only once a day. This prevented from correctly dating all the orders that arrived during the day, which made us slow and unreliable. As a result, the time needed to respond to the customer had become no longer sustainable. The planning of the era led to poor control of production loads and the ability to understand with confidence what to release and what not to release to avoid overloading work. In fact, it often happened that customer orders would become production orders without verification of the possibility of respecting the date requested by the customer.
These two reasons have led us to search for an APS software through a software selection from which CyberPlan came out as the overall winner. In addition to the features of CyberPlan, the big difference was made by the people we met: Cybertec consultants immediately gave us an impression of competence mixed with practicality: the perfect mix that HT was looking for to carry out this project.”


The solution

“The production of electrical resistances in HT takes place both on order, with very customized batches that we make on a specific project of the customer, with the make-to-stock method, for products that can satisfy many customers. In both cases, CyberPlan is fundamental for the dating of customer orders.

The goodness of the CyberPlan solution means that it is used by different departments: planning, purchasing and technical office. In addition to the planning department, in fact, the purchasing department uses it to have visibility of information regarding the date and progress of production orders, allows him to have a complete view and to speak the same language of planning. The technical office then uses it as well as for visibility, also because it is an active part in the dating process. In fact, every day HT designs new products specifically for some customers, which involves creating the related cycle and bill of materials. The problem is solved thanks to the creation, within CyberPlan, of a cycle and separate provisionals that allow us to provide answers to the client in terms of feasibility and timing, promptly. This is essential to be able to have a reliable dating both in terms of quantity and timing of customer orders. “



“The implementation of CyberPlan led to benefits that went beyond the software, in fact it was a growth under different points of view.
The first positive impact was the graphic one of the software, which allowed to see the data effectively, to analyze several situations at the same time, and so on. Already that single aspect was a plus that let us made an incredible jump forward.
The time required for production planning has been drastically reduced, so much that to provide the dating of a customer order before we needed a week of time whilst today we can provide an answer within a few hours.
Naturally the growth of HT also led to a change in those that were organizational needs. In all this the system has always been flexible and ready to follow us in all these changes.
There was also a growth for the personnel, from a cultural point of view in the supply chain, so much so that today it is normal for staff to talk about issues such as security stocks, reordering lot, lead time. Cybertec and CyberPlan have thus decisively contributed to raising the level and quality of people’s work, a very important aspect, since the project was really felt by the same staff.”



Cybertec and CyberPlan have contributed decisively to raising the level and quality of people’s work, a very important aspect, since the project was really felt by the same staff.

Lorenzo Pettarin
Lorenzo Pettarin
IT Manager

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