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Advanced scheduling to guarantee a high service level

The Company

Came Spa is a highly specialized electric motor windings company. This has been the specific characteristic of the company since 1977.
While in the 1970’s this was the only field of activity, the ongoing growth and economic performance have enabled them to consolidate the company as an industrial player of excellence.
They have therefore been able to extend the production range and provide a fully comprehensive service for all components of electric motors: die-casting components, wound stators, rotors with spindle, housed stators with processing, shields, processed flanges, application of terminal board connections, various threading and assembling operations.
Thanks to its comprehensive range of customer services, experience, track record, and the quality of its products, Came Spa is now a leading player in a tough, highly competitive market.
With its four facilities in the province of Vicenza (Italy) – three of which are dedicated to windings and one to die-cast production – Came Spa has become a robust, dynamic industrial concern fully equipped to face the tough challenges of a rapidly evolving global economy.


The Challenge

Prior to the implementation of CyberPlan we used primarily an MES sequencer from an external provider, with the support of many Excel files for scheduling purposes. The difficulties we encountered on a daily basis were mainly related to the time needed for the production planning and scheduling that did’nt allow us to work on activities with a higher  added value. Although we were constantly concentrating on the data we could not get satisfactory results regarding setup optimization and service level.


The solution

Motivated to improve the process we looked around for any product available on the market and we identified six possible alternatives. We choose CyberPlan and Cybertec, which are specialized in Supply Chain Optimization already since the first meetings. The goals shared at the beginning of the project included a first scheduling of the most delicate wards and the process of dating the sales orders. The implementation has been successful both in technical and functional terms, thanks to the fact that a relationship of trust and collaboration has been created between us and Cybertec since the beginning.



To date, we’ve been able to reach most of the ambitious goals we’ve been up to since the beginning: the scheduling of the most critical departments and the beginning of the dating process. All this has led to a qualitatively and quantitatively better production planning and scheduling. Already after the first months, we eliminated the need to use Excel files to support planning, while reducing set-up times and increasing service level by around 5 percentage points. With the future activities that we are planning we want to extend CyberPlan IIS to all manufacturing departments and refine the logics of dating.



Already after the first months, the need to use Excel as a support for scheduling was eliminated while reducing setup times and increasing service level by around 5 percentage points. CyberPlan led to a qualitatively and quantitatively better programming and scheduling of production.

Stefano Rossato
Stefano Rossato
General Manager

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