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KPI of excellence for Delpharm Novara, with CyberPlan

Planning and scheduling of the production of medicines on behalf of third parties with the CyberPlan APS

The Company

Delpharm is one of the European leaders, in terms of size and ability, in the discovery and production of medicines. Over the past 25 years Delpharm has built a solid reputation and has grown by adding new production sites to the group.


The Challenge

The Novara plant was taken over by Delpharm in 2016 and this step led to the disposal of the tool used for scheduling. Initially, production planning was dealt with using Excel files, which presented all the limitations of an “old-fashioned” planning: the files were not linked to the management software (SAP), to change the dates to the Planned orders required entire days, there was no MRP, there was no connection to the warehouses, sales, etc.


The solution

After four months from the kick-off it was possible to use CyberPlan.

Thanks to the APS tool by Cybertec, Delpharm Novara monitors the actual feasibility of a plan and compliance with deliveries. In addition to this, the optimization of production sequences is also managed thanks to the set-up matrices that allow ordering the various orders in the most efficient way. Another possibility offered by CyberPlan is to quickly reschedule the production plan, following changes or modifications. Today, even the aspect of material obsolescence is managed through CyberPlan.



Delpharm finds in CyberPlan a support in the control of the KPI requested by the client: OTIF (On-Time and In-Full delivery). This indicator is now at 99.8% and this is also due to the fact that the Cybertec APS software allows instant control of compliance with the delivery date. Moreover, CyberPlan allows to have visibility of the saturations of the production lines for the coming months allowing to implement alternative plans, with the aim of always respecting the requests of the customers.

The implementation of CyberPlan has also made it possible to improve Delpharm’s communication both internally and towards customers. The planning manager says that the communications within the plant have improved: planning every day shares production plans, divided by resource, with different departments: management, production, customer service, quality control and warehouse. The entire company therefore has the opportunity to have updated information on what are the planned processes, any critical issues and also respect for KPIs. In addition to this, a table exported by CyberPlan is shared with the customer care office, this table highlights the dates of production and those requested by the customer, allowing to see which Sales Order are possibly critical and those that require priority.


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