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LTC – La Triveneta Cavi and the production planning

Optimize the planning and scheduling of cable production since 20 years ago, with CyberPlan

The Company

The LTC group (La Triveneta Cavi), since 1965 is one of the most important companies in the European market for the production of low and medium voltage cables for the industrial, domestic, energy distribution and renewable technologies sectors.

The company consists of four production plants located in Italy and abroad. The Italian plants produce an average of 470 tons of material per day.


The Challenge

In the course of its history, La Triveneta Cavi, has gone from a production in which there was no real planning for the use of advanced planning and scheduling software.

In the early stages of the life of the company, the loading of orders took place manually, then it was passed to a manual and visual planning through the use of a magnetic board with which you monitored the progress of orders every day, through manual changes.

In a difficult and risky period, such as the economic contraction of the last few years, the company’s ownership has the foresight and ambition to invest in various areas, including the provision of business planning and scheduling of the appropriate tools to guide the production. At a given moment the strategic decision was made to select a system that was able to guarantee the necessary visibility on the progress of orders and the indispensable reactivity to this type of production. The production of cables, in fact, is almost entirely linear (with consequential processing one to the other) and therefore is entirely affected by changes and delays even just one of the production phases. The occurrence of a slowdown or delay would have repercussions on the last date, ie the date on which the product is ready to be delivered to the customer. For this reason, the Material Requirement Planning is absolutely critical and fundamental for this type of production.

Another challenge, faced by the LTC group over the years, was to change the management system, moving from AS400 to SAP on all company plants, keeping the planning and scheduling software in use.

Finally, the Veneto company has dealt with the change in the use of the APS, passing from a “local” use of the software contained within the users’ PCs, to a collocation within a server using the software from part of users through the client.


The solution

The LTC group, when choosing a planning and scheduling software for the production, wanted to find the best tool by making a software selection.

The qualities of CyberPlan that allowed him to win the selection were:

  • The powerful graphic capability that makes immediate reading of the plane, the machine load and the dates;
  • The finite capacity reasoning;
  • In-Memory Database (IMDB) which makes calculations extremely fast.

Compared to the various MRPs, even those proposed by management producers, CyberPlan has proved to be immediate. In fact, the graphic visibility allows:

  • immediately evaluate the machine load;
  • correctly insert the customer orders in the dating plan;
  • see the chain related to an order with: demand, machine load and material requirements. The CyberPlan installation at the time was carried out by a partner of Cybertec and in a short time led to the training of personnel assigned to the use of MRP and Scheduling software.



Every morning, thanks to CyberPlan, the LTC Group:

  • Imports the data;
  • Import the BOMs;
  • Imports production progress from the MES;
  • Inserts new orders;
  • Imports the saved orders;
  • Imports cycles;
  • Matters the distinct ones.

Thanks to this import, the schedulers and their colleagues in the scheduling, are able to make sure of the punctuality of the advancements.

The scheduler arrives at the workplace in the morning finding the already calculated feeds, thanks to the data importation from the MRP.

As for KPIs, La Triveneta Cavi also benefited from a noticeable increase in shipping reliability. Specifically, despite the flow production and the occurrence of unexpected events, average reliability increased by 88%.



CyberPlan is a truly vital tool for us. The very fact that we have been using various versions of CyberPlan for almost 20 years is, I think, emblematic of what we consider to be valid for its purpose.

Nicola Strapazzon
Nicola Strapazzon
Production Planning Responsible

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