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Manifattura Berluti, planning the production of leather goods and shoes in a digital and advanced way

Accelerate and improve the reliability of production planning

The Company

Manifattura Berluti is an Italian company wholly owned by Berluti; the maison is part of the world leading luxury group LVMH, along with 70 other brands that are all united by tradition and prestige. Manifattura Berluti is based in Ferrara, where 250 employees are involved in developing and manufacturing footwear and leather goods for men.

Berluti produces and sells clothing for men, footwear and leather accessories. In the recently built headquarters of Manifattura Berluti, in particular, the products are created starting from different types of leather. The maison is known worldwide for these products: footwear, belts, bags and wallets are hand made of calf leather, kangaroo and alligator, and are often made with different finishes and made to measure.


The Challenge

The need to improve the planning department arose from the need for greater flexibility and to adapt to a constantly changing market, which is constantly demanding seasonal novelties.

The high frequency in the new collections requires the company to continuously update its forecasts and speed in supplying the market with new products. What is more, the production times of the latter are only partially know, because of the innovations introduced. This aspect makes it very difficult to plan orders precisely and involves the need to update all plans regularly.

This need for regularity implied a greater workload for the planning department. Once you find yourself planning on Excel spreadsheets, resources were often absorbed by low-value operations.


The solution

The adoption of an Advanced Planning and Scheduling software has therefore emerged as the ideal solution to manage this complexity, update production plans daily, with new data and parameters on new products, freeing planners from repetitive operations and complex calculations.

Given the scope of the project, the world leader in the luxury sector has requested a software selection among different suppliers. The parameters of choice were mainly the coverage of the requirements of Manifattura Berluti, the quality demonstrated during the software selection phase and the feedback from companies that already use these systems. The supplier chosen thanks to the fulfillment of these requirements was Cybertec and its famous software CyberPlan.



The review of the planning processes and the adoption of the CyberPlan application allowed Manifattura Berluti to revolutionize the department, drawing benefits that cross the threshold of the office itself, already six months after the end of the project.

The already excellent service level has improved by 12%, without affecting the productivity. This increase in the punctuality of deliveries was also appreciated by the French parent company, as well as the timeliness obtained in the communication of updates regarding the forecasts of deliveries. The ability to provide future scenarios for the continuous and seasonal collections was also an important improvement for Manifattura Berluti.

The time freed up in the planning office was probably the biggest hit. Previously several planners needed to work on Excel for a whole week to release a plan, now a single person in just an afternoon can create different simulation scenarios, find the best one and share it with all the colleagues involved. This leaves a lot more time to planners for high added value activities, to resolve any critical issues, to talk with the contractors, to talk to the purchasing department, and so on.

Prior to CyberPlan, the planning team members worked on separate phases of the flow and lacked shared planning. Each planner planned its own part, at different times and using different data. Today they plan the whole flow in a coordinated way.

Today, planning takes into account all the parameters that influence production planning: departmental capacity, availability of materials and components, prioritization, etc. Today the planner, instead of seeing the problems when they happen, sees them arrive early in advance and can find solutions, something that previously had neither the way nor the time to do.

The adoption of CyberPlan has led to improvements also from the point of view of communications, both towards the outside and inside the company. The communication with the purchasing department has improved, today a plan of materials needed is provided with clear target dates. There have also been improvements in communicating with external suppliers, that now receive up-to-date production plans. Last but not least, today for the planning it is easier to report and explain production performance to management, as there is full control of what has been done, what is happening and what will be produced.



It is now possible to quickly go back to the causes of production times and change the plan according to priorities. Before, with many Excel files and with different planners, it was difficult to understand certain situations.

Pietro Colli
Pietro Colli
IS/IT Manager

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