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Selle Royal: make the most of strong growth with the APS of Cybertec

Manage strong growth, evolving production planning

The Company

Selle Royal was founded in 1956 by Riccardo Bigolin in Pozzolene, in the province of Vicenza. The company has grown over the years by acquiring and developing world-class companies such as Fi’zi:k, Brooks England, PEdALED and Crankbrothers, expanding its saddle manufacturing market to bicycle components: shoes, pedals, wheels, bags, dumbbells, etc. The company has become a multinational over time, the growth has been possible thanks to the passion that is put every day in developing products by members of Selle Royal who work from Pozzoleone (Italy), Birmingham (UK), Laguna Beach (California), Taichung (Taiwan), and Janjin (China). The Vicenza-based company continues to evolve, listening to cyclists and the world of cycling according to the “Support Cyclists” philosophy: even though it has been in business for over 50 years, the company is committed to deeply understanding the needs, anticipating trends and becoming a social facilitator who promotes a cycling lifestyle.


The Challenge

The company, which is based in the Veneto region, has grown considerably over time, expanding the offer in terms of brands and products; this growth has brought significant benefits but has also the limits of the production planning adopted previously. The tool used up to that moment in fact, was the ERP. The ERP had limited planning capabilities and did not allow to keep the govern of the company during its growth. There was also a need to serve different channels in different ways with different types of service, with different lead times and different strategies between make-to-order and make-to-stock.


The solution

The Cybertec APS is used to manage the part related to purchases, planning and scheduling, as well as to the planning of the application. CyberPlan Manufacturing Forecast is instead used to complete the demand plan, which also follows the seasonality and gives indications both on the materials and on the needs or resources available. The missing, the availability of the materials, the workings, the reminders and requests for advance to suppliers are then handled.



The benefits identified by the planning and operation managers are varied:

  • 80% lead time reduction: on a particular channel the lead time has gone from 8-10 weeks to the current 1-2, which has also led to an increase in the volume of business;
  • Increased level of service: the level of service increased by 35%, a remarkable result that brings Selle Royal to a value of absolute importance;
  • Increase of the inventory turnover index: the value has increased and today the warehouse is “healthier” and runs more;
  • Reduction of obsolete: the amount of so-called slow moving has been reduced, despite the growth has led to an increase in the number of codes and a reduction in the quantities per single code;
  • Reduction of missing items: the number of missing cases decreased, which the company monitors by sales order line.

In addition to these aspects, CyberPlan has brought a further series of positive aspects ranging from the better dialogue between departments and that towards suppliers. The APS of Cybertec finally allows to perform simulations and to do if-then analysis, to then export the data and be able to share it with colleagues.


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