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Sipa – Zoppas Industries

Steady growth and focus on production efficiency

The Company

Since 30 years ago Sipa engineers, makes and sell on the worldwide market all the needed technologies for the production, fillment and secondary packaging of PET containers (from the render to the final product) for drinks, food, chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

SIPA has a high specialization degree and is a technological partner who’s main goal is to offer innovative and competitive solutions for each specific need of his clients.

With headquarters in Italy, the company can rely on 16 sales branches, 4 manufacturing facilities (two sites in Italy, one in Romania and one in China) and 28 post-sales service centres providing technical support and spare parts.


The Challenge

CyberPlan arrived in Sipa at the end of 2006. During its steady growth Sipa kept high the concentration of efficacy.

MRP elaboration on the ERP needed many hours, therefore it used to be done during the night time, the complex management and maintenance of the systems grown around the ERP was also something that needed to be solved. As far as the business is concerned, the goals were:

  • Keeping the service level as a competitive instrument
  • Reduction of the contracts costs
  • Increase in the warehouses turnover
  • Reduction in the complexity of the access to the information
  • Gaining an overview of the purchasing orders, that was missing due to the lackness of dynamic pegging over the different levels
  • Gaining the possibility to simulate production plans in a short amount of time
  • Gaining the possibility to manage a high amount of data (324.000 active codes with 1.122.000 bill of materials links)
  • Increase communication between departments


The solution

The biggest challenge has been modeling the multi-warehouse management; Cybertec consulting and development teams cohoperated with Sipa to build a solution that has been seen since the beginning as ideal for the detailing needs and in any case as an implementation of the standard solution. What is more all the non-quantitative goals have been reached.



Total control of the production and purchasing plans released with an average of 2.500-3.000 production orders re-scheduled on a weekly basis. 30% increase in efficiency of the warehouse management and planning. 10% reduction of the average warehouse coverage. Ideal overall visibility, in detail/single order or many orders together, thanks to the full pegging; ability to simulate off-line and extremely quickly.

We found quick analysis and problem-solving abilities in the Cybertec team, in addition to the high availability and competence.



In Cybertec we found problem analysis capabilities and quick solving abilites, in addition to deep know-how and strong competences. Thanks to CyberPlan we experienced a 30% increase in planning efficiency and a reduction of 10% in the average warehouses stock level.

Michele Visentin
Michele Visentin
Material Manager

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