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Smi Group

Optimized management of production complexity growth

The Company

The SMI Group is today one of the world’s largest producers of bottling plants and packaging machines and is composed of the parent company SMIGROUP, the subsidiary companies SMI (the first and largest business in the Group), SMIPACK, SMIMEC, SMITEC, ENOBERG, SMIENERGIA, SMILAB, SARCO.RE and of a network of branches, providing support for sales, after sales service and spare parts supply.


The Challenge

The great growth experienced by the business and the whole company pushed Smi Group to improve the efficiency of production processes. It moved to “kaizen” logics (continuous improvement) that allowed a remarkable performance enhancement business.
The steady increase in the complexity of production raised the awareness that the planning systems used at that time wouldn’t have been effective in managing the new production volumes.
Smi Group therefore started looking for the best IT tool for the production planning and scheduling. They were looking for something that would have ensured:

  • high service level;
  • maximized production efficiency;
  • avoidance of missing on production orders;
  • sending of the purchase request within the supplier’s given lead time;
  • sending of reminders in a timely manner;
  • rapid purchases re-planning;
  • production loads levelling done according to the available raw materials;
  • different scenarios simulations, to take better decisions;
  • annual budgeting and half-year reviewing.


The solution

CyberPlan has been selected because of its ability to reason according to the assigned constraints, such as the delivery date or the available production capacity. These features allow it to accurately determine the delivery dates of the sales orders and subsequently all the production and purchase orders. This helps in levelling out both production loads and suppliers ones, therefore ensuring the finished products delivery precisely and within the agreed date.

The mutual collaboration between Smi Group and the Cybertec Team, together with a highly detailed analysis of the production processes made the implementation doable within the planned times. Cybertec’s staff proved to be well-versed and knowledgeable on the various issues that are related to the business we operate in, a key aspect in adapting a multifunctional solution such as CyberPlan to a manufacturing company like Smi Group, with specific and complex needs.



The main result has been the redefining of the weekly work plan. The various production department’s managers receive this plan to organize the production process. This plan is balanced respecting to the production department workload, according to the materials and workforce availability. CyberPlan replies to the above-mentioned needs through finite capacity scheduling and signalling missing items with short and middle term plans.



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“Today we are able to accurately determine delivery dates for sales orders and all the consequent production and purchase orders, thanks to CyberPlan.

Rodolfo Rossini
Rodolfo Rossini
Industrial Coordination

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