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Giving value to the advanced Supply Chain expertise

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Advanced and highly configurable tool that allows consulting companies to create their own Supply Chain solutions. Faster than Excel and much more powerful, it allows modelling of the client company by highlighting the improvement possibilities and the value generated by taking into account production constraints.

Generate value for your customers

Emphasize your skills

Consolidate customer relationships

Fast, flexible, easy to use

Cybertec 360° support

Model, analyze, generate value

Quickly model the customer company considering the business structure, BOM (Bill Of Materials), product cycles and models. Simulate production functioning while adding your knowledge and improvements. Identify the value created in terms of throughput, service level, warehouse, productivity, setup and lead-time.

Complete, simple, Lean

The consultant has the ability to process all the software objects with the ease of Excel and to enter refined Supply Chain logics. Now available in the Web version.

Cybertec 360° support

Cybertec has a team dedicated to the support and success of its Partners. We guide you with training to reach autonomy of use.

Value for your customers

Provide your customers with solid and advanced solutions to improve service level, increase productivity and reduce production costs.


Fast and easy to use

A unique and advanced tool created to be user-friendly that allows you to create your Supply Chain solutions. You can make the most of your Supply Chain skills by feeding them into a powerful but easy-to-use solution. In fact, it suits all types of companies and productions guaranteeing maximum functionality and requiring only basic technical skills.

Often, advanced production planning systems require specific technical skills that lessen true value added activities. Others that are easier to handle, however, lack functionalities and do not allow the creation of the ideal solution. In addition to this, the analysis for the definition of the ideal solution is often made on tools other than those that are then operatively used.

Why to choose Cybertec?

  • Our Partners receive advanced solutions that give real benefits to the customers
  • Useful tools are provided for the preliminary analysis of the customer’s situation
  • No special technical skills needed: the skills needed to use our solutions are the same as for a common ERP
  • You can give true value to Supply Chain skills by eliminating low value activities for both you and your customers

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