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Advanced Sales & Operation Planning

Empower collaboration between sales and production

From demand planning to production management

S&OP solutions require people, processes and tools to support them. Choosing the right tools for your company can make a difference in terms of competitiveness. CyberPlan S&OP allows companies to compete with the best tools of today and tomorrow through a single process.


Improve service level


Increase productivity


Decrease stock levels


Improve service level


Increase productivity


Decrease stock level


Powerful algorithms for accurate sales forecasts

Improve service level 0

In manufacturing companies, forecasts require very long time frames, differently from distribution ones. These often require a high operational activity to produce meaningful forecasts. Manage these time frames quickly and easily, delivering forecasts with low margin errors thanks to the powerful CyberPlan algorithms.


Optimized production plans

Increase productivity 0

Once the forecasting plan is ready and done, production plans are created. What is needed to optimize the complexity of production is a tool that takes into account the constraints of the factory and allows continuous iterations to reach the business goals. CyberPlan allows you to simulate several different production scenarios with finite capacity, quickly and continuously, giving immediate visibility of the impacts on the production plan.


Collaborative S&OP: a single platform

Allow business departments to dialogue and share information so that they can achieve common goals thanks to the simplicity and power of CyberPlan.
Different users can operate on a shared platform by eliminating existing barriers.

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