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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

CyberPlan, to manage the Supply Chain processes in a single solution integrated with your ERP

Supply Chain efficiency, visibility and control in a single software platform

Cybertec offers a complete set of APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software to cover the processes of production companies from sales forecasts to production planning and scheduling at finished capacity. Discover CyberPlan:

Sales and Operation Planning

Increase service level, reduce costs, simulate and create plans integrated with the demand, purchasing and production.

Finite capacity production planning

Analyze production capacity, materials constraints and orders backlog. Create optimized plans by aligning purchases, production, sales and technical office.

Detail scheduling

Increase productivity by creating optimal processing sequences on individual machines, saturating resources, respecting priorities, constraints and deliveries.

Manufacturing Forecasting

Increase demand forecast’s reliability. Eliminate stock out, exploit all the data available.

Each sector and each production system has its own needs

Cybertec software are used successfully by hundreds of very different companies but with the same ambition of increasing their competitiveness by maximizing production efficiency, increasing the service level and reducing costs and waste.

Which benefits can you get?

The benefits obtained by our customers are many and very important with a success rate of over 98%. The benefits most appreciated by our customers in the different departments:

Operations benefits

  • 90% reduction of low-value activity
  • Missing elimination
  • Resources saturation
  • Lead time reduction
  • Machine stop reduction
  • What-if simulations in real time
  • Identification of critical issues in a preventive way

Business benefits

  • ROI within the year
  • Increased service level
  • Warehouse reduction
  • Increased production
  • Production aligned with business objectives
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increase warehouse turn over

IT benefits

  • Centralization of data in the ERP
  • Deleting proliferate Excel and Project sheets
  • Maximize the investment of the ERP
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Stable and safe integration
  • Maximum safety certificates

Technology and know-how make the difference


Simulate your factory taking into account all capabilities and material constraints, manage different scenarios, anticipate problems and solve them while keeping the focus on performance indices.


Perfectly integrated with any ERP (Sap, Microsoft, Infor, Sage, Oracle, Zucchetti), ensures a stable and lasting integration without wastes by eliminating tools such as Excel and Project, allowing to centralize the data in the ERP.


The platform supports multiple applications, more data and more users without interfering with system performance.


The platform offers a user-friendly experience that allows you to see your data transformed into information with which to make safe decisions.


In-memory database (IMDB), advanced algorithms and powerful graphics enable you to interact with the software by enhancing the supply chain decision making process.


The same performance are now available on the Web platform thus enabling the cloud service.


27 years of experience, 1.000 projects, more than 5.000 active users. The commitment of Cybertec in creating and supplying the best solutions to manufacturing companies has led it to be the only Italian company awarded by APICS, the international organization of Supply Chain Management and to be cited in the books of the sector.

Manufacturing Forecasting

Sales and Operation Planning

Finite capacity planning

Detail scheduling

Are you ready to empower
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