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Supply Chain 4.0 for Manufacturing

Leader in high performance software solutions

Supply Chain Pioneers

We believe that through efficient production planning, the performance of manufacturing companies can be greatly improved. For this reason for more than 25 years we have developed advanced and user-friendly solutions that enable Supply Chain optimization by reducing costs, maximizing productivity and increasing service level.

We are the pioneers of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS); advanced tools for innovative production government, from sales forecasts, to what-if planning and detail scheduling.


The customer at the center

Cybertec presents itself as a solid business venture that has made a strategic choice that will enable it to maintain a proper corporate dimension. This positioning has made it (and still makes it) able to help every enterprise from the small company to the major multinational corporation, in every industry and with every type of production system. Great expertise, continuous training and attention to the customer enable us to create solutions that guarantee the highest possible performance.

Cybertec, supporting production planning since 30 years ago

Ever since its inception, that happened 30 years ago, Cybertec has focused solely on planning and scheduling for discrete and complex productions. This dedication has allowed us to test all sorts of techniques and solutions, from operational research to heuristic methods. We have gained a unique experience of what is effective in operating situations, something we deliver to our customers through our advanced products and complete services.

What do they think of us?

“The relationship we have with Cybertec is excellent; its team is made up of competent, available and very professional people.”

N. Masala – Alternators Planning Manager, Ansaldo Energia

“It can be said that Cybertec and Fiorentini have grown up together; the project began in 1995. At the time, Fiorentini was already a big company and as such a precursor to other companies in the field of innovation, not only with product but also process.”

R. Menti, CIO, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, Pietro Fiorentini


Cybertec was awarded for the results achieved with its customers in 2015 by APICS.

Professor Michael “Mike” Pinedo quotes Cybertec in his book “The Bible of Scheduling”.

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